Balancing a legal and business mind with a Bohemian spirit, I understand the empowerment that comes from living a congruent life that feels full of infinite possibilities. After nearly a decade of practicing bankruptcy law and two decades of coaching, consulting, and advising, I wanted to create more impactful work combining the practical aspects of planning with the intuitive, playful side of creativity. 

My background includes advanced degrees in business, law, and theology, along with successful careers in sales, public service, and consulting. I also hold certifications as an Infinite Possibilities Trainer (2016), coach (2001), yoga instructor (1993), and Pilates instructor (1999), all with the common theme of empowering others to transform themselves--whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually--and their business.

If you currently struggle to find the next step– professionally or personally--I want to help you reclaim your best self. Life changes rarely involve a flat, linear path, and my own circuitous path proves it. I’ve learned to surf life’s challenges, find calm through life’s uncertainties, and blindly leap into a life that feels adventurous, fun, and fulfilling.

That leap did not always have a soft landing, which is why I wish I had had a guide.

If you dare to seek, I look forward to connecting with you!




Speaking at the 2017 Train the Trainer ( conference in Santa Fe, NM.

Speaking at the 2017 Train the Trainer ( conference in Santa Fe, NM.