A Perfect Day

Although I loathe a rut, I do need the familiarity of a routine to keep me focused on dreams, goals, and generating income.

One advantage of self-employment is having complete control of my daily schedule. One challenge to that freedom is balancing my tendency to overwork with my need for play and rest.

I also crave variety to my schedule and connections with people. Like experimenting with a new recipe, here are a few ingredients defining a perfect day:

First thing in the morning, I enjoy the sea by my home in a variety of activities. When I return home, I share coffee and breakfast with the amazing man in my life. I work for a few hours on various writing projects, preparing for speaking engagements, and consulting projects. At lunch time I usually have meetings, which often involve getting together in an active or creative way. In the afternoons I finish up projects, have private sessions with clients, or work on other administrative details. Evenings are spent with friends for dinner or us enjoying a sunset dinner at home. 

My perfect day would be on a non-typical day. In between my regular routine, I often teach seminars or host retreats, which involve travel. My perfect day would be taking photographs and meeting new people in a new location, all the while gathering material for blogs and courses helping others find the perfect path for them. I love connecting people, projects, and ideas, and when I travel for work and for play, these connections happen synchronistically.

A perfect day flows with surprises, adventure, and magic, in between the regular aspects which direct my focus.

My intention for my clients and readers, is to create a life where every day unfolds as a perfect day where they feel in complete control of those choices. 

What would a “perfect” day be like for you?

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