Spicing Up Your Daily Routine

During a period of time when I did not feel creatively stimulated in my daily professional life, I decided to work through Julia Cameron’s spectacular books aimed at firing up the creative juices. In The Artist’s Way, my favorite activity, which I often prescribe in some format to my coaching clients, was the weekly “artist’s date." This play date with my creative self inspired that wandering bohemian part of my soul to do anything fun. Whether it was playing tourist in my own town, or picking a photography theme for the day’s walk, it liberated me from the daily grind of predictable hours and tasks. 

Any business venture is a creative project. Unfortunately, the unpredictable hours and income stream can push the urgency to produce while stifling the creative fire. This is when the those creative embers must be stoked. Even just a different route or time of day to walk, or choosing a different store or restaurant can disrupt the rut. 

Today I decided to photograph unusual perspectives on my walk to the beach. Instead of the usual scenery of sand dunes and sea oats, I wanted to capture some of the odd parts of beach life. 

What can you do to add spice and surprise to your normal routine?

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IRB. NDM. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

IRB. NDM. 2016. All Rights Reserved.