Freedom to Explore

I love Sunday mornings. Although I loved sleeping in when I was younger, now I appreciate the early morning light and the fact that fewer people are out and about. If I am enjoying coffee or outdoor activity it can often feel like I have the place all to myself.

Years ago when I left a corporate sales position to teach yoga and wellness full-time, I was amazed to learn about this whole world of people who did not work 9-to-5. I had been scheduled to teach 9 and 10 am classes and did not think anyone would attend. My whole working life until that point had been 60+ hours a week during “business” hours. Yes, I was young and naive. I was also exploring nontraditional work schedules, too. It is much more common these days to work remotely or be an location-independent worker. I realized then that I wanted to set up a life where I could pick my “Sundays” or make every day feel like a Sunday. Where I had a day to plan and explore as I wished. Where every day felt like a vacation day.

People thought I was crazy—who was I to dream that I could have work I loved on my terms?

Now, it has been a circuitous route to this point. I did go back to school and back into a more rigorous line of work with worse hours and even more restrictions on my time. But I knew something else was out there.

The key is to create it in a way that blends work and play, feeling “responsible” while also being responsible for my creative, playful side.

Not everyone will quit their corporate jobs and get on the self-employment bus.

It is possible to create some fun and adventure in daily life while working the required hours, though. 

Incorporating a lunch-time meeting in a new location. Scheduling in time before or after work to do something new, or meet new people. You could take a different route to work or home or negotiate flexible hours if your work place is amenable.

For me, I love my work and I love to explore new places. Work can come in cycles, so when I have “down” time, I can choose then to allow some creative time. I can do some research on local places to visit and time frames needed to enjoy them. Then, when I have unscheduled time, I have options. As a tourist in a location for a day or two, a time pressure to visit everything can often diminish the joy of just letting the location reveal itself organically.

Like a Sunday morning.

I help A-types B(e) more. A congruent life feels vibrant and full of infinite possibilities where your body, mind, and spirit feel in sync.  Like a personal trainer for the physical body, I help individuals train the mind toward positive focus and deliberate creation. Contact me for more information on group and private sessions.


Perched for Adventure, John's Pass, FL. NDM 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Perched for Adventure, John's Pass, FL. NDM 2016. All Rights Reserved.