Certified "Freedomist"

"My Little Grass Shack." NDM. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

"My Little Grass Shack." NDM. 2015. All Rights Reserved.

On a whim I joined a ten-day blog challenge earlier this month. Each day the hostess would present a prompt to the participants, allowing us to dig deep into our gypsy spirits to define and create a freedom lifestyle. 

Freedom from what? Freedom from the self-imposed limiting beliefs that tell us how we should live, and freedom to explore all the ways that inspires our creative spirit. For some people freedom could be traveling and for others it could be the freedom to spend a day on what nurtures the soul. The choices are ours!

Even though I have been coaching and teaching people how to shift their thoughts from self-limiting beliefs into infinite possibilities, this blog challenge inspired me to be more open about the journey. I have hesitated to blog more because of a false belief that what I had to say mattered. A few responses to my blogs affirmed that even if I can inspire one person, I have been of service. For so long, due to professional choices not aligned with my values, I lived a stressful life. Stress creates a fight-or-flight survival mechanism that does not allow us to be of service to ourselves or others. My favorite post in the blog challenge asked about our super powers. This question reminded me that I want to be of service to others. If I can help people transform incrementally, from negative to positive stressors, more people can be of service to the well-being of loved ones, communities, and the planet. Ih ave found some tools that work and can help others make this transformation in a easeful, peaceful, and non-disruptive way. Life’s journey can be savored, so it does not need to be a sprint.

For those needing support declaring their own path to freedom, I am here to support you.

I help A-types B(e) more. A congruent life feels vibrant and full of infinite possibilities where your body, mind, and spirit feel in sync.  Like a personal trainer for the physical body, I help individuals train the mind toward positive focus and deliberate creation. Contact me for more information on group and private sessions.