Desire vs. Longing

Indian Shores, FL. 2017. Nicole D. Mignone. All Rights Reserved.

When we plant a seed with desire, we plant it knowing it can and will grow. This is part of our divine self that recognizes the benevolent, loving connection we have with all that is, was, or could be.

In contrast, if we  plant a seed with longing, we plant it believing it will likely not grow. This attitude of lack creates a separation from what is divine and benevolent. We get to be right either way, and the choice, and attitude is ours. 

Think about a wish you have. What is the basis of that feeling—desire or longing? Can you shift into the feeling of desire, acting as if it will unfold perfectly for the best outcome? If this challenges you, consider why you believe what you do.

Invite yourself to have the expectation, not that it will work out as you want it to, but for the greatest good for all.

The choice is yours.