Fresh Start

Are you ready for change?

Sometimes we want to make a change in life, whether in one area or many, but do not know where to begin. If the idea of starting even one more project or learning one more method makes you cringe, I understand. Completely. I have been a life coach since 2001 and a business consultant for even longer. I understand the frustration with just getting started with a change versus the pain of not making any change at all and feeling stuck. 


Many programs aimed at helping people change can be equally intimidating with either the time or energy commitment. I believe we know internally what we need and what is best for us, but we become distracted by doubt and too much internal “chatter” about where we think we should be. We could instead use a little encouragement  to work at our own pace initially and build momentum. Then the transformation and shifts unfold more organically. 

This is why I created the Fresh Start program: to help people make change at their own pace with self-accountability and empowerment. I created a short, introductory series on the Acadian Rhythm Page, with the following videos:


Part 1: Starting with your thoughts

Part 2: Taking Inventory

Part 3: Taking Action

If you want to experience a deeper shift, then the self-paced course created specifically to support you on your own journey to change and transformation can be found here. 


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