What Is A Business Transformation Guide?

Brooklyn. 2017. NDM. All Rights Reserved.

Brooklyn. 2017. NDM. All Rights Reserved.

In 2001 I launched a business coaching practice combining years of experience in sales and marketing. Over the years, the practice grew into consulting and coaching and then legal work. All through my own growth and learning process, I have also watched both my clients and their businesses grow. I love helping professionals and solopreneurs start and expand their businesses, while aligning their own personal goals with that of their business or profession. 

At my core, I believe that (1) Life happens for us, not to us; (2)  We can always make a fresh start, beginning NOW; and (3) We can rely on our wise inner voice when we re-learn how to listen. 

Life and business cannot constantly focus on striving for the next goal. Just like the rhythms In nature, growth happens in the resting—gestation—phases. Attuning to this rhythm and using it to our advantage allows us feel as if we are flowing with the current rather than swimming upstream.  A Transformation Guide can help navigate these waters in a way that feels more enjoyable, adventurous, and easeful. 

Please watch the short video below for more information or here for more information.

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